News and Analysis (3/9/16)

“[P]roposed new powers to criminalize extremist views that stop short of advocating violence. The plans have been criticized by religious and civil liberties groups” as “trying to define extremist speech would be all but impossible and might ‘do more harm than good’”:

“[T]here have been daily incidents of artillery shelling, airstrikes and clashes. Yet, for the nearly 12 million displaced civilians, half of Syria’s population, it’s a much welcomed respite and diminution of the five year slaughter”:

Special rapporteur Juan Mendez says U.S. officials continue to set what he considers excessively strict conditions for his visits, such as on which inmates he could see…. ‘If I accept terms like that, every other government is going to demand the same treatment, and rightly so’”:

“Shari’ah, with a capital ‘S,’ is the path that is guided by Qur’anic ethos in its totality to achieve justice. It is neither the collection of rules derived by Muslim jurists, nor the interpretations that were solidified by Muslim leaders”:

“[M]ost of the known opponents of the deal and the Rouhani government were MPs from Tehran who have now been voted out…. [T]he current chairman of the Assembly of Experts did not win enough votes to keep his office”:

But only “[s]tudents with a permission slip signed by their parents will be able to attend the presentation”:

The film’s co-director “said it’s unfortunate it took a court battle to get the ads up, but the film they are promoting is still available for download and on DVD.” An MTA spokesman “said the ads have been revised to state more plainly that they are promoting the film”:







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