News and Analysis (5/3/16)

An interfaith struggle for liberty takes on those who “suggest that Muslim immigration should be halted and First Amendment protections regarding religious freedom removed when it comes to Islam”:

“[S]triking the roof or upper story of a home or building with a mortar shell or missile prior to bombing … [is] supposed effort to warn civilians inside that they should evacuate … [but] rights investigators found the tactic to be ineffective and at times deadly to the …civilians”:

“[B]etween the lines of its vision to kick what royals are calling an ‘oil addiction’ are clear steps for Saudi to kick its other habit – reliance on US economic and military support”:

Forget “Prevent” and the absurd expectation that “crusty MPs and self appointed ‘community leaders'” can prevent the radicalization of Muslim teens; why not call on former One Direction star Zayn Malik, a Muslim who “can be seen to celebrate and enjoy liberal values”:

Local Muslims charge the mayor with “using a form of blackmail to get more non-Muslims on his side and against our community. And to what end? He could end up radicalizing a lot of kids as a result”:

“The freedom of speech; the right to a fair trial and … [and protection of] minority rights … are just some of the criteria demanded by the EU of countries before it lifts visa requirements…. It is hard to see how Turkey could be described as meeting these conditions”:

“Prosecutors have opened close to 2,000 cases of insults to the president since ErdoÄŸan took office in 2014, prominent journalists appear in court two or three times a week, Kurdish journalists are beaten or detained …and foreign journalists have been harassed or deported” …

… while in Egypt, “[p]olice backed by army troops initially barricaded the entire area on Monday and prevented people from approaching the building…. Hundreds of uniformed and undercover police were still deployed across central Cairo to try to prevent any protests” …

… while, the Palestinian “journalists’ union says that Israel is also holding in detention another 19 Palestinian journalists and students of journalism, one of them for more than 20 years” in addition to one union leader now being held “for four months without charges or trial”:

The suit charges the “manner in which Mrs Powell was treated by LBPD officers was simply a show of authority over a woman of color who was unable to protect herself”; it comes as LA and SF police “have come under scrutiny over racist and homophobic text messages and emails”:

Mass media obituaries of anti-war activist Daniel Berrigan mention the controversy caused by his criticism of Israel, but impugn the veracity of their substance …

… “[R]ather than embracing the diversity of Jewish identities and cultures …, the European-dominated Zionist movement has opted for a[n] … ultra-nationalism which suppresses Arab identity as ‘backward’ and ‘primitive'” and regards the native Arab population (Palestinians) as invisible:

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