News and Analysis (5/5/16)

Der Staat über Alles? “Religion in Germany never stands above the state” – Volker Kauder on “German Values”:

‘This … [applied] when there was no security for women and when women were at risk of being abducted….  I believe they should withdraw this statement and not degrade women. Islam gives great freedom to women – travel is part of that freedom” — Dr Sheik Howjat Ramzy:

Aide Tom Angel said emails like the one he posted listing “Towels for hats,” “Constant wailing from some idiot in a towel,” and “You can’t wash off the smell of donkey” as reasons “Muslim Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide” were not meant  “to embarrass or demean anyone”:

The starkest difference between the Canadian and British polls “is one of political zeitgeist … over how to curb extremism.” Things may get worse when the Queen gives Parliament plans “to give the government more powers to ban organisations and gag suspicious individuals”:

The company claims a security video shows there were long lines waiting for tables but a video taken by the women as they left shows “open tables throughout the restaurant”:

“When Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim to attend cabinet, becomes London’s mayor, it will be proof that cosmopolitan London doesn’t care about race. It doesn’t. But it will also have borne witness to an at times gruesome campaign”:

The resignation clears the way for an election as early as October in which Erdogan hopes to “win two-thirds of the 550 seats in parliament – a gain of 50 from the AKP’s current 317 – to allow the party to change the constitution without the need for a referendum”:

District Police Officer (DPO) Khurram Rasheed said police will recommend an :exemplary punishment” for those who drugged and murdered the girl, insisting, “This is not a part of KP’s culture. This is the first time an incident of this type has taken place.”

“Peace Without Justice, a non-profit body based in Italy, has called the tribunal’s proceedings ‘a weapon of politically influenced revenge whose real aim is to target the political opposition’. The government denies the accusations”:






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