News and Analysis (5/8/16)

Amid wide condemnation of “Conservative Party tactics in the race, … Defence Secretary Michael Fallon refused to apologise” saying “I think it is right that candidates for some of the most important offices in Britain do get scrutinised about their past associations” …

… while “in the face of a Conservative campaign seeking to tar him as sympathetic to Islamic extremists[, s]upporters said Khan’s own message — that a victory for him would show the world how tolerant and open Britain was — carried far more power” …

While the West condemns al-Shahab for drafting children to fight their wars, they back a Somali agency that forces children to spy on the militants. “There’s nothing NISA does that the CIA doesn’t know about,” according to a senior Somali official:

Seymour “Hersh now publishes abroad because his … revelations about deceit and brute force in the conduct of foreign affairs that delighted his editors when … [about] Dick Cheney lost its shine when he reported on President’s Obama’s not-so-different Cold War liberalism”:

“It is a religious rumble that barely makes headlines in the secular West since it is carried out at mosques and Islamic conferences and over social media. The Islamic State, however, has taken notice”:

Al-Jazeerah says, “The death sentence against journalists is unprecedented in the history of world media and amounts to a real stab against freedom of expression around the world” …

… Video included “El-Sissi,  My President, Made Things Worse” and one repeating “the phrase ‘leave,’ first … [directed] against longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak” and some mockingly “repeating catch phrases used by government supporters in defense of el-Sissi’s policies” …

… while the man who blew the whistle on Israel’s nuclear weapons program continues to brave prosecution, now indicted for “meeting with Americans,” moving to a different apartment and telling Israeli TV the truth about the rogue state nuclear program:

“To win visa-free travel for its citizens, Turkey must still meet five of 72 criteria the EU imposes on all states exempt from visas, one of which is narrowing its legal definition of terrorism … [that it has used] to silence dissent, including detaining journalists and academics”:

“New analysis suggests that there could be hundreds of uncounted victims of the war”:

“Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) [is] one of the world’s biggest Muslim organisations … but [d]espite their good intentions, … appear amateur next to IS … who … send about 200,000 tweets a day into the United States alone, according to US officials … [and have their] own news agency”:

“The call was the latest move by the head of Libya’s United Nations-backed government to assert authority … since Fayez al-Serraj’s return to the country in March. He has been unable to exercise much power beyond his office walls — much like his predecessors”:






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