News and Analysis (5/11/16)

Only the mildest form of female circumcision is “medically, legally and religiously sanctioned … [and] Fakhruddin in his statement said [even that] should only be allowed after a woman attains legal adulthood, after which they are free to make that choice”:

The planning board determined the mosque needed 107 parking spaces, more than double the 50 required by township ordinance … [and then quibbled] over the placement of a drainage basin forced into its proposed location by the supersized parking lot”:

A Dubai princess notes that 83% of Americans are “neutral about Islam” and do frequent Internet searches on “Muslim” and “Islam” showing that a desire “to know about Islam,” but that academic articles those “who rely … on infographics, tweets, pictures and videos”:

“Security has gradually improved in Baghdad, which was the target of daily bombings a decade ago, but violence against security forces and Shi’ite Muslim civilians is still frequent. Large blasts sometimes set off reprisal attacks against the minority Sunni community”:

“Interviews with women attending churches and mosques in Leicester, Oslo and Madrid showed that Muslim and Christian women in these cities had similar views of what citizenship is and how a good citizen should act”:

“[A]t the age of 16 we’re all going through the same thing biologically….  I remember … [an] Imam saying … that women who wear the hijab are protected. You’re battling with all these things so if you … have sex, or do drugs, you feel the guilt three times more than anyone else”:

The 73 year old man “was the fifth and highest-ranked opposition leader to be executed since Deember 2013 for war crimes. Bangladesh says the prosecutions are needed to heal the wounds of conflict but human rights groups say the trials fall short of global standards”:

“Hamas, which rules Gaza, says 30,000 people have applied to travel for various reasons, including humanitarian cases. The group’s Interior Ministry called on Egypt to extend the opening period to meet the demand”:

“This isn’t just about me. It’s about my friends, my family, and everyone who comes from a background similar to mine, anywhere in the world”:






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