News and Analysis (5/13/16)

“Who was in charge when torture occurred at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad: the private contractor interrogators, or the US military that hired them?”

The judge wants clarity as to whether “building, health and safety codes as well as labor and wage laws” are being used maliciously without “proper notice of code violations” or “opportunity to appeal” and with illegal searches:

He spent years establishing “established his footprint in the extremist network. But after the 9/11 attacks” he realized he didn’t know his own religion. Spending “two years in Syria studying Arabic and Islamic studies … exposed him to … the ‘spirituality of Islam'”:

Despite the fact that 60% of respondents in a recent poll said that Islam “had no place in Germany” a Muslim woman from the Green Party “took the post in Baden-Württemberg from a member of a populist anti-immigration party on Wednesday”:

When she donned a headscarf after “reading the works of 11th-century Sunni theologian and philosopher Al-Ghazali,” her father feared her new-found religiosity might interfere with her studies. Instead she has become France’s leading Muslim expert on human sexuality:

“Over 600 Egyptian authors … [condemned the] regime that deals with freedoms with ignorant nonchalance, that privileges a discourse of oppression, that mouths terms like ‘morality’ while emptying them – by its actions – of all meaning, that violates the constitution every day”:

The number of “Americans who traveled, or attempted to travel … to the Middle East to join the self-styled Islamic State” has steadily dropped from 6-10 per month “during 2014 and the first half of 2015″ to average just one a month”:

“There was no immediate reaction from the Israeli government, which has authorised at least eight air strikes against targets inside Syria since the start of the civil war five years ago”:

“Bin Salman’s biggest difficulty is likely to be jobs, with a desperate need to reduce dependence on foreigners to get young Saudis into private sector jobs rather than the undemanding and unproductive state positions so many see as their birthright”:

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