News and Analysis (5/23/16)

“The biggest challenge for the TDC [Truth and Dignity Commission] is to face the deep state resisting against the change and against all kinds of reform because they are facing an accountability process and they do not want to be accountable of all violations they did”:

“We want religious activity to be completely independent from political activity. This is good for politicians because they would no longer be accused of manipulating religion for political means and good for religion because it would not be held hostage to politics” — Rashid Ghannouchi:

“It is not an accident…. Someone would have to physically go into the safe in Office of the General Counsel, pull out this document, which comes in many parts, … and take the time to physically destroy it. It doesn’t make any sense. It is not how the CIA works”:

“We feel that any kind of political imposition from the government to try and silence people from engaging in these kind of non-violent grassroots initiatives are really an affront to our democracy” — Tyler Levitan of Independent Jewish Voices Canada:

The target of Trebor Gordon’s bigotry says, “The Constitution of the United States gives him the freedom of speech,” and the Council member who employs him “will give him an opportunity to change” but will change Gordon’s title from “Outreach Director to Director of Special projects’:

The selfie as a tool for spreading peace and love?

“When more than half of Muslims, when in doubt, would give Sharia precedence over relevant national laws,’ then ‘something we can no longer control’ will be at work in the country, Petry said.” State control of the people is more important than justice? We’ve heard that before:

“Ms Bi is supported by campaign group Parents Want a Say, which backed John Platt, 44, when he successfully overturned a £120 fine for taking his daughter to Disney Land during term-time by appealing at the High court”:

“Of the 152 detained, 10 went on hunger strike last week and another 11 joined them Saturday…. Three of the hunger strikers were moved to hospital on Saturday according to … a sister of one of them”:






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