News an Analysis (5/28/16)

Government violations include “interfering with [Anwar’s] ability to challenge the improper conduct of the judiciary, limiting the time available to prepare a defense, withholding key prosecution evidence, and illicitly manipulating key alibi witnesses for the defense”:

Islam is adaptable and fluid in a sense outside of its core principles, and it can adapt to local settings. We have done it in Africa, Central Asia and India, why can’t we do it in Australia?”:

“Muslim students in Switzerland have now been ordered to shake their teachers’ hands. If they refuse to do so, their parents could face a fine of up to 5,000 Swiss francs ($5,000)”:

“You can give somebody else your business. If you can’t be nice, we don’t want you.” — Shop owner’s wife Cindy Ramsay to a bigot “as she returns him $3 he spent on ice cream”:

“[N]otwithstanding his national celebrity and credentials as the youngest-ever chaplain for the New York Police Department, Latif is routinely harassed by the FBI and other government agents”:

“The idea that the first exception might be for a Muslim student was particularly polarizing, given the national discussion and starkly divergent views about the role of Islam in U.S. culture”:

“16 federal states offer some form of Islamic religion classes in their schools, similar to the Catholic and Protestant religion classes they have traditionally had”, but “[r]ivalries and disputes among Islamic associations have complicated efforts”:

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