News and Analysis (6/12/16)

“The suspect, identified as Omar Mateen, died in a gunfight with police. Authorities are looking into whether the attack on the gay nightclub was an act of domestic or international terror”:

M. H. Zaman worries “that this election may be pushing [my son] toward pragmatism over the idealism that America represents”. His dream is that his children “will grow up in a country that judges them only on … their character, … their ideas, … their values and, … their actions”:

“[W]e decided to work for the citizenship rights as well as Quranic rights of women….. We know that ours is a patriarchal society. However, Quran gave equal rights to women 1400 years ago, whereas in reality the society denied it to them”:

“Rev Wilcox said over the past four years his cathedral has seen the conversion of about 200 asylum seekers. He added: ‘I can’t think of a single example of somebody who already had British citizenship converting her with us from Islam to Christianity’”:

“The crackdown on hairstyles is part of a larger battle to control public morals by autocrats who either seek to ban religious expression from public life or impose pious behaviour” from Uzbeki controls on men’s facial hair to Saudi Arabia bans of partially shaved head hair:

Wherefore the press’s strange effort to paint Muhammad Ali as a Sufi? His God-given character was bolstered by the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X Shabbaz, and Warith Deen Mohmmad:






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