News and Analysis (8/18/16)

“An Arab-American Christian was shot dead on his porch by a neighbor who racially harassed the victim’s family for years,” calling them, among other things “filthy Lebanese,” “Aye-rabs,” and “Mooslems”:

“[S]peaking about the shootings without acknowledging the context of rising anti-Muslim attacks … led some to believe that the Department was not considering the possibility of the incident as a hate crime” …

… while the surviving victim says the killers eyes “had so much anger, hate”:

Turkey will release 38,000 convicted criminals to make room for its roundup of political prisoners:

Muslims have been part of the US military from Yusuf Ben Ali who served under George Washington’ to the thousand of Muslims now on active duty and in the National Guard, but “have faced the most pervasive discrimination” there:

“A judge said the rule was legal under French law which prohibits people ‘invoking their religious beliefs to skirt [sic, really!] common rules regulating relations between public authorities and private individuals'”:

“For [Mo] Farah, and scores of Muslim athletes, faith is not incidental, but central to their excellence in sport” and normally he will make du`a (a prayer of supplication) before a race:

Th family’s attorney says the “12-year-old special needs student originally from Pakistan”confused “terrorist” with “tourist”:

He pretending to be a law-abiding critic of the system he milked until  his lectures in support for ISIS gave him away:

“In the first six months of 2016, Israel demolished or confiscated 91 structures funded by the EU or its member states” and since 2009, has demolished, confiscated or threatened to demolish “close to $3 million worth of shelters”:

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