News and Analysis (8/25/16)

If you think that the Encyclopedists of the French Enlightenment were the first to try to publish a compendium of all knowledge, meet the 14th century Egyptian author of The Ultimate Ambition in the Arts of Erudition:

One woman says, “There are so many misconceptions about Muslim women, and I want to help counter that narrative,” and another insists, ” ‘What you think about me does not define me,’” she explained. “I define who I am”:

“If the specter of restricting women’s agency and telling them what to wear to ‘protect’ them sounds familiar, it should. Victim-blaming practices have historically been built on nothing less” …

… and a French feminist is “ashamed” of pictures of the woman removing her cover-up while surrounded by police, but Nice’s deputy mayor just threatens “legal action against anyone disseminating pictures of municipal police” …

… the French high court will adjudicate the constitutionality of the ban …

… but 170 years ago the Turkish-inspired “Bloomer dress” with its pantaloons provoked the “compliant was not that this ‘oriental dress’ style was too modest, but that it was too racy” and “encroaching dangerously on male territory”:

The U.N. finally admits that chemical weapons use went beyond the Syrian regime but continues to avoid addressing the evidence of their use by U.S. allies:


“Palestine presses for war crime charges against Israel at International Criminal Court as army closes seven investigations into incidents in 2014 without charges”:

From a false and meaningless assertion that that they had “Arabic” on their cell phones came the absurd charge that were affiliated with ISIS, and two more innocents get pulled off a plane:

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