News and Analysis (8/27/16)

“[T]he Muslim Personal Law Board has questioned the court’s jurisdiction, arguing that the judiciary cannot adjudicate on personal laws”:

A satirist suggests that Muslim women ditch the burkini and  instead go to a “boot camp exercise program where the goal is to achieve the hourglass shape that excites men sexually” like liberated Western women …

… but the French Council of State has ruled that forcing women to disrobe is not justified by any “proven risks of disruptions to public order nor, moreover, on reasons of hygiene or decency” …

… a ruling some mayors intend to defy; the mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet, for example, insists he doesn’t “want a smiley, friendly version of sharia law on our beaches” …

… but in Minnesota covering-up is not an issue because women get the pool all to themselves one day a week:

“I wish our community was more open to talking about this so that if our children are violated in any way, they can come forward without fear” — a Muslim observer not affiliated with the imam’s mosque:

Are Indian Muslims becoming less tolerant because “ insecure people alienated from larger society are barricading themselves behind the veil of a much more self conscious Islamic identity“?

“The new escalation highlights concerns that Turkey’s incursion into Syria this week could lead to an all-out confrontation between Ankara and Syrian Kurds, both American allies, and hinder the war against the Islamic State group”:

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