News and Analysis (8/30/16)

Before marrying her, Weiner accused Saudi Arabia of teaching “hatred of Christians and Jews,” and sure enough the Saudi-educated Abedin has proven to be intolerant — of his repeated Internet postings of his private parts:

The Copts sided with Sisi because they feared the Muslim Brotherhood would discriminate against them, but Sisi now plans to codify anti-Christian discrimination into the legal code:

Karimov’s “appalling rights record — which included reports of suspected Islamists being boiled alive — didn’t stop the administration of President George W. Bush from cozying up to Tashkent as it prosecuted its war in Afghanistan” …

… but the “biggest worry in Moscow is that any outbreak of unrest in Uzbekistan could destabilize the wider central Asian region and become a direct threat to Russia”:

“Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve met senior Muslim representatives and agreed that efforts to foster good relations would include the creation of an Islamic foundation, funded solely with money from within France” …

… but is a “‘French Islam’ … possible? And how are politics contributing to the debate over the future of Islam in France?”:

Ennahda’s path “to establish a new tradition of ‘Muslim Democrats’ – voters and politicians guided by their faith but committed to the political system of a pluralistic society” may be difficult to follow elsewhere in the region”:

Avigdor Lieberman has a plan to pit Palestinians against one another by crushing some and rewarding others, but award-winning journalist Jonathan Cook says the strategy that “failed decades ago … is not going to succeed now”:

“The detention of at least 23 employees of the newspaper Azadiya Welat is the latest escalation in Turkey’s staggering campaign to silence critical voices” — Nina Ognianova of the Committee to Protect Journalists:






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