News and Analysis (12/28/06)

Hajj: “This is a time of unity for all Muslims, Shi’ites and Sunnis.”

Former Guantanamo detainee who wrote book criticizing Pakistani intelligence agency (ISI) disappears—allegedly taken by ISI:

“The technology used to identify a terrorist in a safe house in Iraq is the exact same technology that can be used to identify a war protester in a Quaker meeting house in southern Florida.”

With the seeming defeat of the Islamists, Mogadishu returns to the warlord chaos of the past: “bands of armed thugs swept through the markets, smashing and stealing at will”

Are polygamous men really following Islamic law? Study of social and economic effects of polygamy to begin in Malaysia:

Minefield on Pakistan-Afghanistan border will separate families and “add to civilian casualties:”

US criticizes Israeli plan to build new settlement in the West Bank

Façade of democracy: “Election chief Murad Kariyev said on Tuesday he would “do everything” he could to ensure Mr Berdymukhamedov won “because he is a worthy candidate”:”

BBC reporter investigates secret CIA flights and interrogation centers:

Closed borders led to 6,000 deaths in Canary Islands, alone, in 2006:






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