News and Analysis (9/5/16)

Allegations of the child abuse “became a major issue after a teenage boy who worked for the chief — and allegedly was abused by him — opened fire on a U.S. base Aug. 10, 2012, killing three Marines and badly wounding a fourth”:

Now we know why “U.S. authorities aren’t eager to respond to questions about their newly minted ‘moderate’ rebels”:

“Members of ‘Academics for Peace’ and Education and Science Workers Union (EÄŸitim-SEN) have been removed from their positions in public higher education institutions permanently”:

Imam Tareq Oubrou asserts that “‘spiritual Islam … expresses itself in the language of the Republican values already in place.’ Namely, France’s holy triumvirate of liberty, equality and fraternity”:

The new wave of attacks come a few months after the U.S. drone strike that killed the Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour:

The joint statement declares unilateral instantaneous divorce is illegal throughout the Muslim world and “contravenes the constitution and indeed the principles of gender justice in Islam”:

The “youth bulge” by which the Muslim world population is expected to exceed the Christian by 2070 is “window of opportunity” that will yield positive consequences only if the Muslim world embraces sound policies:

Erdogan says the invasion of Jarablus is aimed at ISIS, but the Kurds, who have provided the most effective ground troops against ISIS, say it is aimed at them:

“Every day in which our control over the Palestinian territories persists brings us closer to the end of Israel as the democratic state of the Jewish people. Netanyahu sees the disaster ahead, but he is not courageous enough to act”:

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