News and Analysis (9/8/16)

The first Muslim to be appointed as a District Court judge received “the ‘Champions of Justice’ Award in 2012 by the National Law Journal’s Legal Times for upholding the profession’s core values through public service, pro bono work, and advocacy for civil liberties” …

… but the question remains:

“The drill instructor ordered him to stand up and smacked him in the face at least three times in an action the investigation referred to as an assault strictly improper during boot camp”:

Hollande insists that France is “ready to make place for a religion that it did not expect to be this big over a century ago” and noting that the Patriot Act has not made America safe from terrorism, he insists, “”Democracy is our weapon”:

You would doubt “a woman of color, already subject to being treated as a second class citizen, [would] want to join a religion receiving nothing but bad press,” yet most of the approximately 180,000 Latino converts to Islam are women:

The highway “from Lanzhou to Linxia is often called the Qur’an belt” where flourishing local business people build mosques as “community centers … to benefit their communities”:

Unfortunately, Presidential candidate Gary Johnson isn’t the only American who doesn’t know “What is Aleppo” …

… and if you can’t tell the players in Syria without a program, read this and learn why “Washington is outraged that the wicked Russians are doing in the Mideast what the US has done for decades”:

“The effort dubbed the ‘Redirect Method‘ placed Islamic State-related search results next to ads that include links to videos denouncing the terrorist groups and its tactics from leading Muslim clerics”:

The delay prolongs the factional strife between Fatah and Hamas and further hampers President Abbas’s already insignificant ability to deal with Israel:

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