News and Analysis (9/12/16)


The perpetrator, who bears an Albanian Muslim name “didn’t even care for the well-being of a baby — that’s how serious this hate crime is,”charged the assistant district attorney:

“Diplomatic relations between the two Middle East powers disintegrated earlier this year after Saudi Arabia executed a Shia cleric and Iranians stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran”:

“A U.S.-Russian brokered cease-fire for Syria came into effect on Monday at sunset, with monitoring groups and state media reporting clashes up until the final minutes, and the most powerful rebel groups having yet to commit to the truce”:

“As women of color, we deserve to be treated just as any Stanford students would…. I’d urge people to question what it is in our society that makes people think it’s okay to spew vitriol towards people they don’t know”:

“Turkey declared a state of emergency following the July 15 coup attempt that allows the government to rule by decree. It has since suspended tens of thousands of people from government jobs over suspected links to terrorist organizations” …

… yet in a message relayed by his brother, Abdullah Ocalan said “that the Kurdish issue could be solved in six months if the government engaged in talks again and that everyone wants the conflict to end”:






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