News and Analysis (9/16/16)

If there were no Muslims in America, would a shortage of cabs and a tripling of  Uber prices be a regular part of American life? That’s what happened to NYC when Muslims took a day off:

What would happen if Muslims became a plurality and took over an American city? Stop guessing; it’s already happened, and the consequences were not what Islamophobes predicted:

“Four UK soldiers who “forced” an Iraqi boy into a canal and let him drown have been condemned by a judge investigating civilian deaths in the Iraq War”:

“[S]eeking comment from any representative on Hanson’s speech on Wednesday night ignores the fact that she doesn’t actually make any sense.” Of the “31 different nationalities that make up the community, … over a third were born in Australia”:

Leila El-Amaire, a young Muslim in Berlin, gave up her dream of becoming a judge because German law forced her to choose between being a judge and wearing a headscarf, but Islam gets blamed for her oppression:

“For the record, each US taxpayer will be paying over $300 per head to the Israelis and the arms industry. Scare resources in this country will go, essentially, towards the illegal Occupation of the Palestinians”:

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