News and Analysis (9/22/16)

There are similarities between the Islamic economic vision and Adam Smith’s vision of markets in which participants governed by divine rules of behavior mandating “self-control, sympathy for others and just behavior limit greed” but neither is reflected in current capitalist practice”:

The Islamic Action Front’s current priorities are “unemployment, poverty, health care, education, human rights, economic development, debt” and insists that replacing its old slogan of “Islam is the Solution” with “Reform” reflects a continued  commitment to Islamic values:

The religious leader emphasized the oxymoronic parallel between Buddhists who depart from Buddhist teachings to terrorize the Rohingya and Muslims who depart from Islamic teachings to terrorize others:

“Islam in theory is feminist and progressive. But Islam in practice is another beast entirely, and, when you are a first generation Arab Muslim teenager in Australia, it can be impossible to discern where religion ends and cultural pressure begins”:

Convicted of pushing a Muslim tenant down the stairs, her objection that being forced to take a course on Islam in lieu of a harsher sentence violates her religious freedom was rejected on the technicality that she did not raise this objection in the lower courts:

Olivier Roy argues that the French are misapplying laïcité , because “[t]he law of 1905 imposes neutrality on the State, not on society”:

Women and children were among the most recent victims of the ongoing Saudi aggression:







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