News and Analysis (9/27/16)

The murder of Hattar is the tip of ugly iceberg; the context is the state’s disbanding organizations, blocking publications, and harassing, arresting, and imprisoning individuals for “merely engaging in critical debate”:

Tennessee’ State Board of Elections has decided their children are not ignorant enough:

Enough with hypocrisy! One can disagree with Noor Tagouri’s decision to appear (modestly clothed) in Playboy without resorting to shaming her. After all, no one shamed Malcolm X for appearing (modestly clothed) in Playboy:

At least five “others with Western ties [are] known to be recently detained in Iran”:

“Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi, a former teacher, had pleaded guilty and expressed remorse for his role in overseeing the destruction of nine mausoleums and a mosque door by pickax-wielding rebels in June and July of 2012”:

A leader of the “Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which says Islam is not compatible with the constitution … condemned the attack on the mosque, saying: ‘Attacking a building in which people worship God is barbaric, whether it be a church, a mosque or a synagogue'” …

… while Berlin lawyer Seyran Ates says, “I think the Conference on Islam is not doing itself any favors by restricting its points of contact to the associations, who represent only 15 percent of Muslims”:

A queer Muslimah pleads that LBGTQ Muslims must not allow their disappointment that the ummah has yet to show its professed mercy toward them to be “weaponized against all Muslims” and vows not be used against the ummah, “whether they accept me or not”:

“The Grand Island Independent reports ( ) that the judge ruled in U.S. District Court in Omaha last week that she found no evidence of a discriminatory motive on the part of JBS Swift, now known as JBS USA”:

Among the thousands attending the “first-ever New England Muslim Festival” were “Malden Mayor Gary Christenson; Nadeem Mazen, Cambridge’s first Muslim city councilor; US Representative Katherine Clark; and US Attorney Carmen Ortiz”:

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