News and Analysis (10/7/16)

When it comes to recognizing women’s achievement, architecture historian Mary Woods thinks that the Pritzker committee has much to learn from the precedent set by the Muslims’ Aga Khan Award for Architecture:

Since coming to America this Ahmadiyya Muslim met many Muslims who “sympathize with the plight of the Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan … but can count on one hand the number of Sunni and Shia imams who have come forward to call out the injustices against Ahmadi Muslims”:

In the same way that knowledge of the history of evolution or the determination of the age of the universe violates her child’s (or should we say her) religious beliefs?

“When Khairuldeen Makhzoomi was pulled off a Southwest Airlines flight and interrogated by police officers, he said he felt like he was back in Iraq — a police state. But the recent UC Berkeley graduate was in Los Angeles, waiting to take a flight back to Oakland”:

Despite the fact that the Qur’an does not condone stoning for any crime whatsoever, Iraee wrote a story (never published) in which a young woman who burns a copy of the book after being enraged by viewing a film depicting the fatal stoning of a  young woman stoned to death”:

“A joint session of the lower and upper houses of parliament, broadcast live on television, approved the new anti-honor killing law, removing a loophole in existing law that allows killers to walk free after being pardoned by family members”:

“If ISIS loses the northern Iraqi city of Mosul in the coming battle, its visions of a caliphate would fade, while the government in Baghdad would have the chance to rewrite Iraq’s national narrative” …

… but “complaints from fighters and commanders in the National Mobilisation force about lack of weapons from the Baghdad government highlights sectarian faultlines that could undermine the offensive and chances for sectarian and ethnic harmony”:

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