News and Analysis (10/14/16)

“This is a clear sign that the terrorist organization has started to lose support not only from the population, but even from its own members” — Iraqi Counter-terrorism Service spokesman Sabah al-Numani:

“With this direct US involvement in Yemen’s civil war, the US bears greater responsibility to end it”:

“We are at a crossroads where we can either emerge as a pluralistic democracy in Asia and in the Muslim world or where our nation will implode from grand corruption and different religious and ethnic groups being pitted against each other fighting for limited resources”:

Many of “the girls are from a Christian enclave in the predominantly Muslim northeast. Many of their parents are involved in translating the Bible into local languages and belong to the Nigerian branch of the Elgin, Illinois-based Church of the Brethren”:

Treating drug addition with compassion instead of coercion or alternative drugs. “The reason Laila’s camp has had a higher rate of success than government-run hospitals has a lot to do with the emotional and psychological care [the workers] provide to the addicts”:

The PA issued a statement regretting Israeli attempts to shift focus from Israel’s illegal and colonial actions … to issues irrelevant to the content and objectives of the resolutions, which aims to put an end to Israel’s dangerous and illegal actions against holy sites”:

“Article 72(2) of the FIFA 2016 statutes … states “members associations and their clubs may not play on the territory of another member association without the latter’s approval”:

The new airstrikes reported by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights will add “at least 358 civilians … killed in eastern Aleppo since the U.S. and Russian-brokered truce collapsed on Sept. 19 … [including] over 100 children have been killed in the campaign”:






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