News and Analysis (10/16/16)

Unsatisfied with the mass murder of Muslims, the home-grown terrorists planned to target “churches that had supported refugees … [and] allegedly plotted attacking city and county commission meetings and even landlords who rented to Muslim refugees” as well …

… but threats in Georgia indicate that the Kansas plot is just the tip of an ugly iceberg:

The accusation that when a young Muslim confessed to suicidal thoughts after his girlfriend broke up with him, an FBI informant urged to die for a terrorist cause instead lends credence to charges that he FBI is turning troubled youth into terrorists:

Decades before Jenner developed his smallpox vaccine, Cotton Mather described how his Muslim slave taught him the method of inoculation, showing “in his Arm ye Scar,” and “perhaps saving thousands of lives in early 18th-century New England”:

After a U.S. supported attack a funeral killed 140 mourners we blame unnamed sources of bad intelligence, rather than ask “So, what’s wrong with our culture?”

Kerry refuses to name the released Americans nor has he revealed what they were doing in the war zone:

Clinton advisers tell her to express her opposition to the Palestinians’ right to return to their homes in  way that doesn’t offend liberal Jews’ “discomfort” with Israel’s brutal occupation policies:

Unlike the Citadel, “Norwich was quick to agree to make the accommodation, which will also apply to Jewish men who wish to wear a yarmulke along with their uniforms”:

“The Islamic State even named its monthly magazine Dabiq,” in reference to a Prophetic tradition about the end times, in its effort to legitimize its terrorist activities:

“Why don’t these clerics press for Shariat laws against Muslim men accused of rape and other such crimes?” – Muslim Mahila Foundation president Nazneen Ansari:

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