News and Analysis (10/19/16)

After years of pretending that Asad had a monopoly on chemical weapons in Syria, the U.S. finally admits to (some of the) evidence that his opponents have used them:

Unless the Sunni population’s antipathy to Iraq’s “Shia-dominated government … changes, the military defeat of … Isis … within Iraq will mutate into a … sectarian conflict that will usher in the next mutation of Wahhabi extremism”:

Recently freed movement “leaders have sworn to liberate Ethiopia from the western backed Tigrayan ethnic minority regime presently ruling the country.” Muslims are the majority and Islam forbids ethnic discrimination:

As a counter-terrorism computer scientist he risks facing violence in Pakistan, but he prefers that to what his family endured in the US:

The Muslims visited by the gymnast showed him “what they learn & the true meaning behind there religion of peace” and he now says he would not use his video as an endorsement of free speech but as a example of bad taste:

“You can always count on the authorities to make us look stupid” — a Malaysian Facebook commentator:

When Lindsay Lohan began her study of Islam, “the reaction from her fellow Americans was negative and somewhat shortsighted.” But an online fan says, “If Islam is helping her find and keep her sobriety, that’s awesome”:

“The issue of openly demonstrating religious signs becomes increasingly touchy in secular France as it also becomes more politicized” …

… but Macron challenges the prevailing French view that there should be no religion in public life, “If the state should be neutral, which is at the heart of secularism, we have a duty to let everybody practice their religion with dignity”:

The picture of a Muslim supporter in Trump’s ad has two tiny problems: he’s a Sikh and he’s not supporting Trump:






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