News and Analysis (10/24/16)

The Togolese soccer player explains how his conversion enables him to more truly follow Christ:

“[A] bill to strengthen legislation on violence against women … [c]hampioned by Ennahdha, a conservative reformist party with Islamic roots and a clutch of dynamic female MPs and officials … is expected [pass] by the end of 2016″:

A cartoon showing President al-Sisi diving in after  a drowning man only to steal his watch “captures the mood of desperation and anger among Egyptians clobbered by tax rises, soaring food price inflation and cuts in state subsidies” …

… while an Oxford professor notes the similarities between Sisi and Trump:

“They may just stay home. There are third-party candidates, and for Muslims they’re very real possibilities. I don’t think anyone can take a Democratic vote from a Muslim for granted”– Dalia Mogahed:

Under the occupation “thousands of Palestinian laborers in the economically depressed West Bank … have no choice but to work” at menial jobs in the illegal settlements”:

A 21-state survey in anticipation of the final FBI report expected next month indicates a shocking increase for Muslims as a percentage of hate crime targets from 2.7% in 2014 to 4.8% in 2015:

“The leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah says his parliamentary bloc will vote for former army commander Michel Aoun for president” making the Christian the probable winner of the parliamentary balloting session”:

“Islam does not encourage divorces and permits only in exceptional circumstances and it must be resorted to only when there is no alternative, and that to, in the most amicable manner”:

“The Bern court ruled that …. a headscarf can only be grounds for termination in cases where it makes it impossible to carry out duties described in the employment contract or if it ‘substantially affects’ the working environment”:

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