News and Analysis (10/27/16)

The placement of American drone bases in threatens to undermine the most promising democratic reform movement in the Arab world …

… adding to the horrors inflicted by drones not only on he victims of American military intervention abroad, but our own soldiers suffering “guilt, anxiety, moral injury, PTSD, sleep disorder, despair” and sometimes suicide”:

The imamah says that resistance from more conservative Muslims has been “quite moderate” but that she has “received threats from right-wing extremists on social media”:

“There are a lot of feminist undertones with the decision to veil parts of yourself in order to make other parts of yourself shine” — Layla Shaikley, NASA intern and cofounder of TedxBaghdad and of software startup Wise Systems :

Erdogan is more fearful of the Kurds than Asad or ISIS:

His father reminded him that his scholarship to Bennington College was “donated by wealthy Americans” and educating a poor African Muslim is “as Islamic as building a mosque” and kept the US “elevated in the eyes of Allah”:

“[M]ore than 14 million people, over half of Yemen’s population … are short of food, with much of the country on the brink of famine, according to the United Nations”:






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