News and Analysis (10/30/16)

From 1944-1968 the Democrats were the war party. They take back the title now with the score of countries bombed “Obama 7 – Bush 4” by adding Yemen, Libya and Syria to Bush’s list of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia …

… and five peace groups demand to know why John Kerry is receiving a peace prize in Tipperary when the US is “using Shannon Airport to wage wars of aggression in the Middle East”:

“Thousands of academics, teachers and health workers were among those removed through a new emergency rule decree … while 15 media outlets, almost all of which reported from the largely Kurdish southeast, were shut down”:

“Al-Mehwar has been airing promos for the interview for several days and it was due to be aired on Saturday night. Instead the network replaced it with a soap opera”:

Elizabeth “did her best to convince Sultan Murad that Protestantism and Islam were two sides of the same coin” inviting and Islamic influence that even changed the English language:

“If even natural-seeming allies are preoccupied fighting each other about tactics, what hope is there prevailing in the fight against real bigots?”

“Katya says that in Islam women are free, contrary to the stereotype of Muslim women…. A wife can work if she wants to, and … her husband is obliged to support her”:

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