News and Analysis (12/29/06)

More ambitious than self-proclaimed “dictators for life,” Ali Mohmed Gedi proclaims he will remain in Mogadishu’s capital city “forever”:

·        Somali PM Enters Mogadishu, Crowds Line Route (Reuters)

“Evidence of foreign involvement in the conflict would not only breach the UN arms embargo but could destabilize the entire region”:

·        US Accused of Covert Operations in Somalia: Emails Suggest That the CIA Knew of Plans by Private Military Companies to Breach UN Rules (Guardian)

Martin Fletcher warns that U.S. policy could turn Somalia into a “Terrorist breeding ground”:

·       This ‘Victory’ Could Mean a Return to Anarchy (The Times)

First they denied holding them, then they accused them of transferring IEDs to insurgents, and now they have released guests of the Iraqi President to Iranian officials:

·        Report: U.S. Frees 2 Iranian Detainees (abcNews)

Reacting to the indignity inflicted on his mother, his son has abandoned plans to join the U.S. Navy to move to Spain:

·        Feds Apologize for Woman’s Strip Search ( / AP)






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