News and Analysis (11/4/16)

“[F]ive principles … comprise the goal of Shariah – preserve life, preserve mind, preserve religion, preserve posterity, and preserve property – any action that is to be considered in line with Shariah must lead to these five results”:

Despite the fact that Islamic law requires the agreement of both parents to cease breast-feeding, this man prevented his wife from feeding their child, leading to the child’s death citing an absurd pseudo-Salafi argument:

Is Salafism or democracy to blame for the use fallacious interpretations of Islam in politics? “it is important to be continuously reminded that bigots are everywhere,” says one observer:

Soon after “the FBI exposed a plot to murder 120 Somali immigrants” in the state, the Republican Party of has distributed “an image of an Islamic State fighter holding a machine gun” and asking, “Have you met the new neighbors?”

The Turkish government now stoops to arresting elected legislators and accusing critics of the practice of supporting terrorism:

The author of The Trouble with Islam Today has learned from her followers that her mission is not the reform of Islam, but the “more universal mission … [of] moral courage … [which] means doing the right thing in the face of your fears”:

The chaplain’s Muslim critics have “distributed Islamic resources … that include a description of the household of Prophet Muhammad, whose wives … showed autonomy, providing positive role models to Muslim couples“:

Afia, who started posting her beauty videos to show that her scarf doesn’t stop her from doing whatever she wants now hopes Cover Girls’s campaign “will show  that brands care about us as consumers and we’re important”:

Fikri “he was crushed to death by a garbage truck … after the unauthorized swordfish he was selling was thrown out by police and … [he tried]to retrieve it from the garbage”:

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