News and Analysis (11/11/16)

Are American Muslims under attack in the wake of Trump’s victory? Well, yes and no …

… “After Trump’s victory, non-Muslim allies let their Muslim and Sikh friends know they’re loved and supported”:

“An American drone strike thought to have struck Islamist militants in Somalia actually killed 10 members of a regional force allied with the United States, according to results of a Pentagon investigation” yet to be made public:

The protests have been “dubbed the “revolution of the poor” and authorities have accused Islamist groups like the banned Muslim Brotherhood of engineering the protests to cause chaos”:

“Obama has come to prioritize the counter­terrorism mission in Syria over efforts to pressure President Bashar al-Assad to step aside, as al-Nusra is among the most effective forces­­ battling the Syrian government”:

“The state which is built upon the ethnic cleansing of the majority of the indigenous Palestinian people is inching its way towards banning the call for prayer”:

Use government  funds to pressure Israeli artists to entertain violent extremists in the illegal settlements may backfire to intensify pressure for a cultural boycott of Israeli companies when they try to tour overseas:

“Ebrahim Sharif of the Waad Party, who himself has been detained by the island’s Sunni rulers, said he hoped the Prince of Wales brought up human rights issues behind closed doors with leaders here”:

“[M]ore than 110,000 judges, teachers, police and civil servants have been suspended or dismissed and 36,000 formally arrested in a crackdown that President Tayyip Erdogan’s critics say is quashing legitimate opposition”:

“Although Afghanistan will likely have a difficult time caring for the potential influx of approximately 2.5 million refugees, Afghanistan’s president says that he welcomes their return”:

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