News and Analysis (11/14/16)

Syrian refugees “would not be allowed into the country except for extraordinary circumstances”:

“Peaceful protest is good, but at a certain point, we have to sit down and talk. At the end of the day, we’re all human beings. We’re all Americans” – Faisal R. Khan:

When the sermons took on “issues of social justice, such as the Black Lives Matter movement … the prayer service has begun to attract some Christian and atheist students”:

Rival for the position Howard Dean calls Ellison “a very good guy” but says, “There’s one problem: You cannot do this job and sit in a political office at the same time. It’s not possible”:

“[A]t the maternity clinic, Fatuma, 25, lies on a bed. After several weeks of reflection, and with her husband’s blessing, she readies herself for the insertion of a contraceptive device. ‘Since my religion accepts family planning, I’ll use it for the good of my health'”:

He expressed fear that “the Prince of Wales’ visit to the tiny kingdom could ‘whitewash’ an ongoing crackdown on dissent … [and] suggested the … ruling family should enter into a power-sharing agreement with political parties [in the face of] financial pressure from low oil prices“:

Muslim women immigrants “talked about the pressure they felt, in America, to be sexy. Razek said, “It’s the opposite of the expectation of modesty, but it almost feels the same” …

… while an American visitor to Saudi Arabia felt that although wearing a niqab “would have felt absurd[,] … after several weeks in Riyadh, going down to the lobby of my hotel without it felt like wearing a bikini top to the Met”:

In Egypt, flash protests arose over price increases and head of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK charges a “disturbing wave of radicalism” has emerged:

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