News and Analysis (11/17/16)

“There’s already deep fear in this country that he will try to make Muslims register, which brings up a traumatic history for Jews” – Rabbi Jill Jacobs:

“The program was widely viewed as a failure, and the Bush administration ended it after a year and a half. Critics said not only did it violate civil liberties and create unnecessary fear in Arab and Muslim communities, but it was also wholly ineffective as a counterterrorism tool”:

“[O]ver 200 nationalities call the UAE home. It is why different religions have built 40 churches and three temples (with a fourth on the way)”:

“The public Ishaa prayer, or nighttime prayer, was organized by the university’s Muslim Student Association. Club president Farhan Ali, a junior, told The Huffington Post that members of his group wanted to show the campus that they were proud to be Muslim”:

“The goal is to turn the page of despotic violations and reach a global national reconciliation and build a state of law” — Ben Sedrine’s deputy, Khaled Krichi:

“This is not at all a reaction to Trump. It’s a reaction to divisions in our country” – Robert Silverman, AJC director of Muslim-Jewish relations:

“The atmosphere on the campus is so tense right now that” TV reporters “had to meet Nathan Thomas — editor of UW Bothell’s student newspaper — off campus in order to do an interview”:

A Muslim physician from Long Island urges Trump to engage “primarily not with the Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa, but with Muslims in America[,[ … d]istinguish between Islam and Islamism[, and tout] the extraordinary benefits of legal immigration”:

“[M]ore than 150 PakTurk students rallied in Islamabad as the Turkish leader arrived at parliament. In the eastern city of Lahore, hundreds of students blocked a main road to protest the expulsion orders”:






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