News and Analysis (11/22/16)

Would-be Cabinet member Kris Kobach’s proposed Muslim registry and changes to voting laws would be ineffective, counter-productive, unconstitutional, and an intolerable attack on the values and fabric of American society:

Trump’s choice to head the NSA is open-minded about who is responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria but closed-minded about the need to destroy Islam:

We’ve had a rebirth into some of our older neighborhoods that were starting to decay. Refugees have come in here and revitalized them and made them a proud neighborhood once again.

“[T]he notorious Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) … accused Ahok of insulting the Quran when he encouraged a small audience, during his work visit, not to be deceived by those who sought to use Quranic verse of Al-Maidah 51 to prevent voters selecting a non-Muslim leader”:

“‘This girl comes up to me then and puts her belt in my lap and says, “This is yours. They disqualified you. You’re the true winner. This is unfair,”‘ Zafar recalled…. Both girls will be going home with belts, Sugar Bert officials confirmed”:

Jehovah’s witnesses don’t wear orange vests labelled “Sharia police” when they warn people,”you should not drink, you should not gamble, you should not drink alcohol, you should not do this, you should not do that….” A German court says, “Machts nicht“:

Israel has a variety of machinations to circumvent International Law to expropriate Palestinian land, ranging from “National Security” claiming owners are “absentee landlords,” but the High Court balks at those settlers whose rapacity ignores even Israeli law …

… while Benjamin “Netanyahu himself has tried to put a damper on the Israeli right’s enthusiasm” over Trump’s election:

No longer facing a death sentence, the elected president deposed in a military coup still “remains in jail on separate convictions” …

… while in Turkey Erdogan moves closer to one-man rule:

A priest and an imam log into their respective Amazon accounts:



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