News and Analysis (11/25/16)

All Muslims revere the Prophet Muhammad and the early Muslims, but the term is now being used to mean followers of Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahab, but “even Saudi Salafism, despite appearances, is no monolith”:

“The predominantly Muslim region, which has around 10 million Muslim Uyghurs, has been subject to a number of crackdowns in an effort to wipe out homegrown terrorists. But in the process of doing so, it’s also killed local protestors and cut mobile phone services of citizens”:

A Muslim woman asks, “If marriage is a contract, as they say, then how can it be annulled unilaterally?” Another notes, “Muslim women must form alliances with Muslim organisations, intellectuals and women’s groups so that they can reform this un-Islamic law from within”:

“The ominous calls went out earlier this week and were administered by Emerge USA, a nonprofit advocacy group for Muslims, South Asian and Arab Americans who outsourced a company to conduct post-election polling”:

“The deal is said to have prevented a new US war in the Middle East that, as the Monitor’s Howard LaFranchi wrote, at times, during the past decade, seemed near. But momentum has been building in the US and Iran to oppose the deal”:

Erdogan’s reforms made Turkey eligible for EU membership, but now, his “disproportionate measures under the state of emergency” threaten to undo the progress …

… and he threatens to use refugees as a tool of retribution:

Extremists? Do words have no meaning? Does the press call those who wantonly kill religious pilgrims are really more religious than the rest of us?






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