News and Analysis (12/6/16)

“[T]he legend of Pearl Harbor, re-used on 9-11, is responsible … for the permanent war mentality of the past 75 years, as well as for how World War II was escalated, prolonged, and completed”:

“Elsokary, who regularly wears a hijab while on duty in Brooklyn, was praised for her heroism after she helped save a baby girl and an elderly man from a burning building in April 2014″ …

… and just two days later:

“If you’re looking for the true meaning of Christmas, you’ll find it at a Muslim-owned restaurant in London”:

“[T]he civil rights chief for Attorney General Maura Healey, says that under state law, a community – in this case, the town of Dudley – can’t ‘prohibit, regulate, or restrict the use of land or structures for religious purposes’:

Some Jewish leaders have joined Muslims in declaring, “The right to religious worship is God-given and not a matter of legislation”:

“The measure, which passed in a stormy Knesset session late on Monday, has been met with international condemnation, and has already strained relations within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing rightwing coalition“:

“Experts have pointed out that most perpetrators of mass violence in the United States are not Muslim, nor have any Syrian refugees been involved in violent attacks in the United States”:

“The defendants’ names were not made public and Amnesty International criticized the proceedings as ‘a travesty of justice and a serious violation of human rights‘”:

Doctors Without Borders hospital in Yemen, which killed 19 people and forced the international group to pull out from northern Yemen”:






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