News and Analysis (12/9/16)

“I … felt unwelcome in my homeland for the first time. It’s something I had never known before”:

The senior pastor said that one of their security “team called the school because they felt the students appeared older than than traditional college age … [but that] the church intends “to rectify and resolve this misunderstanding … soon”:

“‘[S]till shaken’ by the encounter … [, she] had a hard time wrapping her head around how ‘bold’ people are becoming in attacking Muslims”:

“Muslim women lead the charge in advocating for the rights of minority groups and taking America to task for its ongoing failure to uphold its founding values of ‘life, liberty and justice for all’”:

They denied the Muslim boxer the honor in 1966, but today, “political stances shouldn’t obscure his athletic success, the editors say. In fact, some argue Ali’s strongly-held beliefs are an example for athletes today”:

Lower courts rejected as false the girl’s assertion that “swimming in a burkini revealed the shape of her body” and the “constitutional court … further found there were ‘no binding rules in Islam’ to define appropriate clothing”:

For “Islam to flourish in this land, you have to find and create local clergy; you have to bring about a new generation of scholars who are fully Western and fully in sync with the tradition of Islam” — an imam trained in Medina and at Yale …

… and over “300 American Muslim leaders are imploring Donald Trump to reject the anti-Muslim policies he touted during his presidential campaign, as well as” Islamophobic White House appointees:

Those who object to having a Muslim on the show whose views the other mainstream Muslims reject seem to have no objection to programs on which the only Muslim depicted holds repulsive outlier views:

“If he becomes the next Dutch prime minister, Wilders has vowed to ban the Koran, close mosques and Islamic schools and stop immigration from Muslim countries”:






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