News and Analysis (12/12/16)

“In bold white letters, the hatemongering message blasted President Obama for firing Mattis “to please the Muslims” and that Trump will use his hawkish cabinet pick, Mattis, to commit mass genocide”:

The letter “notes … the ‘deep tensions’ following the ‘arduous national election that have resulted in a ‘disturbing and dangerous pattern of hate crimes’…” that has had a “particular impact on Jewish, LGBTQ and Muslim communities”:

“Tens of thousands of people are thought to be still living under siege there, with virtually no food or water” …

… but the Syrian government’s boast that the city’s fall to the Syrian forces was supposed to be the “fatal blow to Daesh” that would “usher in the start of its defeat and retreat’” turns out to have been, at best, premature:

“[T]he most effective weapon [is] the daily countering of IS’s and Al Qaeda’s brand of utopian mythology and misinterpretation of Islamic teachings – particularly among young disenfranchised Muslims willing to take up their call”:

“You’re already black and a woman in America. Now, Muslim?” Thirty black women were asked “why they continue to practice despite all the negative press about Islam”:

It’s  “the biggest U.S.-Iran deal since the 1979 Islamic revolution”:

“[T]wo Palestinians held without charges by Israel are “between life and death” after 73 days on a hunger strike.” Although Israel suspended their detention last month, they “continued their hunger strike,” demanding unconditional release”:






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