News and Analysis (12/15/16)

Taking “the debunking of the ‘official’ tale to a public and official level. Based on government documents from a Turkish court,” a Turkish MP refuted “the West’s long-running excited belief that Assad had ‘gassed his own people'”:

“Nearly nine out of ten Hindus in the United States and two out of every three Muslims were born outside the country…. With their relatively high levels of education, they qualify for higher paying positions”:

“While China’s constitution enshrines freedom of religious belief, authorities keep strict limits on it, recognising only five belief systems and seeking to control their messages”:

In America Church and State are separate; in France Religion in excluses from public life; in Germany “religions must organize themselves according to state standards … tailored toward the structures of the Christian religion”:

“President Obama has cancelled some arms sales to Saudi Arabia because of the Saudis’ conduct in the war in Yemen. His administration said it was concerned over ‘flaws’ in the way air strikes are targeted”:

“Nearly 1,000 civilians and 26 wounded people have been evacuated in buses and ambulances from a besieged rebel-held enclave in the Syrian city of Aleppo”:

“[E]ven though Iran-Russia squabbling interrupted what was supposed to be a final cease-fire, and images showed block after block of pulverized neighborhoods – punctuated by terrified citizens” pleading, “save Aleppo”:

After suspiciously vanishing for a day after reporting the incident the 18-year-old woman finally “she broke down and admitted that she had made the story up to cover for being out late with her friends”:

“Kulsuma Ali … praised the nurse who came forward to help her stricken husband, calling her a hero. And she said the person who attacked her husband was ‘shouting go back to Syria and things like that'”:

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