News and Analysis (6/15/09)

Netanyahu “wants to substitute a Palestinian state for a ghetto with no sovereignty, with no control of its land, of its resources, of its passage, of its roads, of its airspace, of its border…  This is a game, he just used the word state to mislead the world”:

Allegations of election fraud emerge worldwide, the Guardian Council is expected to announce its findings after ten days…

… Meanwhile, interpreting the motives of Ahmadinejad may prove to be even more difficult…

… Regardless, it appears freedom of speech and press are rights that do not exist in Ahmadinejad’s “republic”:

Scammed by labor brokers, foreign workers are virtual slaves to their employers:

The only logical stance on detainees from a former criminal defense lawyer, “they should be presumed innocent because no one has proven them guilty”

Human rights groups attack Yemen’s claim of promoting dialogue with its prisoners, accusing the government of using torture to renounce terrorism:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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