News and Analysis (12/21/16)

“ISIS took responsibility for Monday’s attack, claiming the suspect is ‘a soldier of the Islamic State,” according to a statement released by the terrorist group’s Amaq News Channel'”:

Jama tells the woman who inflicted several facial injuries upon her, “I don’t have any ill feelings towards you. I just want you to understand at the end of all this that we are all the same…. [W]e are fighting for the same rights”:

Has Trump’s right-wing Zionist appointees forced the Zionists’ attempted collaboration with the Nazis to establish “a Jewish state on a ‘national and totalitarian basis’ … bound by treaty with the German Reich” into the light?

“I am very pleased that the tech companies have come out with a lot of solidarity. But unless we have the data brokers, who have the actual data, agree to the same kind of restraint, we’re going to have a problem”:

Not content to praise Bridgette Wagner (whose website gratuitously accuses even the Minaret of Freedom Institute as a Muslim Brotherhood front!!!!), Flynn even “follows two individuals who use the hashtag #WhiteGenocide proudly”:

“It’s a ludicrous claim, absolutely false. There’s no basis of truth in it whatsoever. And the secretary made that very clear in his discussions today with the foreign minister” — State Department spokesman John Kirby:

“The officers at HMP Nottingham are alleged to have targeted mostly black and Asian prisoners, but also extended the abuse to white converts to Islam and vulnerable drug addicts”:

American weapons reported to be in Hezbollah hands as other powers take the lead in negotiating a Syrian peace:

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