News and Analysis (12/24/16)

“Applause broke out in the 15-member Security Council’s chambers after the vote on the measure, which passed 14 to 0,” at the U.S. break with Israel’s denial of the settlements’ illegality …

… “Egypt withdrew its sponsorship after the country’s president spoke by phone with Trump, who got involved at Israel’s request. Friday’s resolution was sponsored by New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal”:

Under the NSEERS program, federal agents asked immigrants from 24 Muslim countries such questions as: “Do you eat halal meat? What was the last movie that you watched? When do you go to mosque? Which mosque do you go to?”:

“[W]e would welcome more opportunity for private schools, but if anybody’s going to tell us we’re not involved in that pool of opportunity, we’re going to have a problem with that” – Karen Keyworth:

Romania’s first female prime minister may be a little known Muslim economist”:

The most oppressed religious minority in Pakistan are “Muslims who are assumed by some or majority to be Non-Muslims. In fact, literally everyone is potentially a member of this category in the eyes of some”:

Aung San Suu Kyi’s “government has responded to growing international alarm over the [Rohingya] crisis with a dogged information campaign aimed at batting back reports of military abuse”:

“Within him is a great secret. They killed him, and buried the secret with him. I want the truth about my son — who was behind him, those who indoctrinated him” — mother of the slain terrorist:

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