News and Analysis (1/2/17)

Muslim jurists need to be self-consistent. If a Muslim woman is old enough to enter into a marriage contract (nikah) she’s old enough to sign other contracts as well:

“The report says seven victims were from Saudi Arabia; three each were from Lebanon and Iraq; two each were from Tunisia, India, Morocco and Jordan. Kuwait, Canada, Israel, Syria and Russia each lost one citizen”:

  • ISIS Claims New Year’s Attack on Istanbul Nightclub (AP / abc News)

NSEERS’s termination “will not change the US government’s authority to delve into public, and private, records for its purposes—some of which are outside judicial reviews such as orders in National Security Letters:

“Myanmar is to investigate police officers who were filmed beating Rohingya villagers, an unusual admission that security forces may have carried out abuses against the Muslim minority”:

Eight years after Churchill called Islam the most “retrograde force … in the world,” his sister-in-law feared the atheist would convert; then in 1940 he put aside £100,000 for a Regent’s Park mosque to win Muslim support for the war:

“[Y]oung women in Muslim countries today have an average of six years of education – only 1.1 years less than their male counterparts. And in [some] wealthy Gulf states” more young women have higher education than young men:


“[W]hile Abbas has to date been reluctant to sue Israel at the ICC for its crimes against his people, … given the duo of Netanyahu and Trump, he will be left with little choice but to do so,” or lose “what little credibility … he has left as a leader”:

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