News and Analysis (1/6/17)

“‘[S]piritual colonialism’ at work…: bypassing, erasing, and occupying a spiritual landscape that has been lived and breathed and internalized by Muslims from Bosnia and Istanbul to Konya and Iran to Central and South Asia”:

“‘You can’t tell people, ‘Here’s your prayer, read it word for word,’ and that’s your prayer for the day. We should not be interfering” — Trustee Nokha Dakroub:

“Rather than stamp out Islam, though, efforts to stifle Islam only radicalized believers. It’s a trend that’s played out again and again over the past century, and one that could have dire consequences in the war on terror”:

“Nine Democratic senators said Thursday that they have filed a bill blocking the executive branch from registering people based on religion, race, gender, age, national origin or nationality”:

“It was the first phase of Obama’s plan to move as many as 19 prisoners … to shrink Guantanamo’s inmate population as much as possible before the Republican president-elect is sworn in on Jan. 20”:

“I remember saying …, I would never go out with a Muslim man – I would never change my religion. But when I met my boyfriend, I read about it, and it was a totally different picture. Before it was bad and evil to me” — a convert:

Since Nigeria’s president declared the terrorists group “crushed” two weeks ago, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has declared that the war was just starting and urged his fighters to keep killing, bombing and abducting people”:

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