News and Analysis (1/8/17)

The fake news story that a Muslim mob set fire to Germany’s oldest church got a few facts wrong: the church isn’t Germany’s oldest, it wasn’t on fire, there was no mob, and a firework accident, not Muslims, ignited some netting:

According to his family, the National Guard veteran “developed psychological problems after returning in 2011 from a tour of duty in Iraq. ” Last August he told the FBI “that voices in his head were telling him to follow Isis”:

One of Obama’s last official acts will be to re-escalate the intervention in Afghanistan, increasing the number of troops there to about 8,700:

“Rafsanjani took a dim view of state control of the economy — even in the turbulent years after the Islamic Revolution — and encouraged private businesses, development of Tehran’s stock market and … Iranian exports”:

“[T]here is a question of how far this force would be a non-partisan force. At the moment it appears to be dominated by conservative Arab kingdoms so Iran, Iraq and Syria will not welcome it” — Pakistani defense analyst Hasan Askari Rizvi :

“Dozens of people, led by a handful of maroon-robed monks, marched to the YMCA in Myanmar’s commercial capital to shut down a service marking the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday”:

“Shouts of ‘No return, no freedom for savage (IS) bands’ or ‘No repenting, no pardon for terrorists rang out … [but] President Beji Caid Essebsi has said stopping their return would be unconstitutional”:

Lois Khalafalla is sad about having removed her headscarf out fear, saying, “It’s nice to blend in, but that dialogue has gone away, too”:

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