News and Analysis (1/11/17)

Two Trump appointees reject using religious affiliation as a criterion for discrimination:

Imprisoned and tortured for “passing by a protest for the opposition … Moustafa’s path to radicalization reveals the ease with which extremists capitalize on Sisi’s repressive policies to draw support from young Egyptians”:

Among the victims of Erdogan’s power grab are tens of thousands of students forced into the public schools when Erdogan shut down two thousand private schools …

… and he seeks consitutional changes that “scrap the office of prime minister and make the president the head of the executive branch, as well as allow him to appoint the government, dissolve Parliament, propose budgets and declare states of emergency” and allow him to remain president until 2029″:

“The ECHR acknowledged that religious freedom was being interfered with. But judges said it did not amount to a violation … [because] exemptions were available … for girls who had reached the age of puberty”:

“[F]aith does not preclude logic…. [I]t does not relieve us of the responsibility of choosing which [religious] teachings express that faith and dismissing those that do not” — Kareem :

“In high school history books, there is little mention of the intertwined histories of Europe, Asia and Africa in the middle ages and the Renaissance. There is even less mention of the flowering of art, literature and architecture during this time”:

“The meeting marks the end of a controversy that began in September when the board advised students they could only use one of six pre-written sermons [developed in collaboration with local imams] during Friday prayers”:

As a practicing Muslim believed to have descended from the Prophet’s (pbuh) Hashamite clan, King Abdullah II of Jordan is better placed to say, “These radical outlaw groups … are altogether outside of” Islam than Trump or Obama:

Under Arafat, the PLO recognized the state of Israel, but in response to moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem both Muslim and Christian Palestinians “might seriously consider canceling [the] mutual recognition deal”:

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