News and Analysis (1/14/17)

“Rex Tillerson’s testimony diverges substantially from Trump’s positions on several key issues. Will he have the autonomy to pursue his views, or will he be marginalized, as Colin Powell was under George W. Bush?” …

“Tillerson said that Americans should not be afraid of Muslims and that through his travel to Muslim countries, he has gained an ‘appreciation and recognition of this great faith'”:

… but “Tillerson hasn’t ruled out the return of … a [Muslim] registry,”according to CBS News, so Rep. Suzan DelBene (WA, 1st) seeks to reintroduce a bill, defeated only days after Trump’s election, to prohibit such a registry:

British government investigation last year determined that while the Muslim Brotherhood had ties to extremism, it was not a terrorist group, and in that respect it resembles Ted Cruz himself:

In #DontNormalizeHate Haru Kuromiya recalls how her father was “taken away by the FBI …[,] her family was put on a registry, given name tags and numbers they had to wear, [and then] put on a train” with a secret destination:

“An Egyptian court on Wednesday ruled to freeze the assets of three rights activists, including a prominent women’s rights campaigner, Mozn Hassan. It’s the latest chapter in a widening crackdown against civil society groups”:

“Copies of the letter sent by Morocco’s Ministry of Interior … and a high-ranking ministry official confirmed the ban to the local Moroccan news website Le360, saying ‘bandits have repeatedly used this garment to perpetrate their crime'”:

“Initially I thought I didn’t want to talk about it. But actually it makes me think if it can happen to me in the centre of London, it’s happening everywhere. People just don’t seem able to talk about it”:

“[C]ondensing a thousand years of Islamic history” into one book chapter omits the Muslim cultural influence on Spanish music and Italian architecture leaving only “‘Arab armies’ and the rise of early modern Muslim empires”:

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