News and Analysis (1/17/17)

Calling for an ironically fascistic ban on Islamic symbols the nationalists in their immigrant hating power grab want the state to take aid to immigrants away from independent NGOs such as Catholic Charities:

“If the Jewish students were not under the protection of their own school, there would be more Jewish families affected by fines in Basel than Muslims” –Johannes Czwalina, a theologian and business consultant from Basel:

United Nations seeks to draw world’s attention to ‘huge humanitarian cost’ of war that has also displaced 3 million people”:

“Growing up a Muslim in Rutland, Asima Silva was considered by her friends as exotic and she was celebrated for her individuality…. But for her children, much has changed, and sometimes the questions they pose come from fear”:

“[T]he music has echoed the wider story of the [Arab Jews], who … arrived to confront both racism and marginalisation, problems that have not disappeared despite … constituting roughly half of the total Israeli population”:

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