News and Analysis (2/5/17)

Trump supporters expecting “a smarter, more self-interested, more restrained, and above all more successful foreign policy than his predecessors … should be disappointed and deeply worried”:

“ISIS is emboldened now because Bannon’s undaunted pursuit of a clash will help … to ‘eliminate the gray zone‘ of coexistence between Muslims residing in the West and their non-Muslim neighbors”:

The president tweeted his surprise that “a so-called” [!] judge could overturn a presidential order:

The Justice Dept. attorney didn’t know “how many citizens of the seven Muslim-majority countries targeted by the ban … had been arrested on domestic terrorism charges since 9/11” but he did. None:

A fake news story jumped on by Breitbart, Infowars, and Sputnik and promoted by Trump is refuted:

“The NYPD had the opportunity to show that the people who police us look like the community they police. Instead, they put her to the side and changed her assignment so she was not visible to the public”:

“Katebi’s work pushes in the opposite direction, helping open-minded Americans appreciate the nuances and diversity in Muslim culture”:

“As many as 23 civilians were killed in the raid on a village in Yakla district on Saturday, including 10 children, rights group Reprieve says”:

Canadian police deny that a pig’s head thrown at [a] mosque is “a hate crime – because the perpetrator was depressed. Or that the torching of another mosque [is] a hate crime because the perpetrator was drunk”:






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