News and Analysis (2/11/17)

“‘[W]hy did they have to kill children and women and elderly people?’ said Zabnallah Saif al Ameri, who lost nine members of his extended family, five of whom were children”:

Rather than risk a “fourth legal setback over the ban on travel to the US for people from seven Muslim-majority countries, the White House announced it would not for now pursue the legal battle any further” …

… but “Trump is considering issuing a new executive order banning citizens of certain countries traveling to the United States” …

… and the “Department of Homeland Security is rushing to roll out a multibillion dollar surveillance system that will equip US airports with facial recognition software”:

“The attempt to rush through the ban is said to be a result of the blitzkrieg approach of Bannon, who” wants action before “the loathed ‘establishment’ can organise itself to sabotage the revolution”:

Fourteen Muslims were “a small fraction of the 176 guest appearances on the news networks from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on those five nights, when Trump’s Muslim ban dominated the national conversation”:

“This was blackmail. They kept the money and they kept asking me to provide additional information even though they had my details” – Mamunul Islam:

Long before today’s anxiety about terror attacks, Spain and England feared that enslaved Africans would be more susceptible to revolt if they were Muslim”:

“Iraq is very keen to preserve its national interests (..)and does not wish to be part of any regional or international conflict which would lead to disasters for the region and for Iraq” – Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi:

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