New and Analysis (2/23/17)

As American Jews rallied in support of American Muslims under attack by the administration, American Muslims rally in support of American Jews victimized by grave desecration and bomb threats …

… but the  Palestinian Muslim activist who co-organized the successful fundraising drive is the victim of social media threats and “disparaging articles” on “anti-Muslim hate sites”:

“[I]ignorance coupled with government power can be very difficult to overcome” —  Attorney Mohammed Abdrabboh:

Declaring the Muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization would be  a signal that the U.S. makes no distinction between peaceful and violent groups …

… and could unleash a wave of civil rights violations that alarms the CIA as well as human rights organizations:

Gorka has no patience with “nuanced and complicated” approaches which he would “completely jettison.” No wonder former CIA analyst Cindy Storer says “the government … thinks he’s nuts”:

“[H]e’s working with Islamic scholars to draft a law discouraging men from marrying multiple wives if they cannot afford to educate large families” and outlaw “forced marriages and domestic violence”:

Ranked among the “best places to raise children or for most affordable metro areas, the violent crime rate is 25 percent lower than the national average and three percent lower than” the rest of Iowa:

“What sort of freedom is it that allows you to free head scarves without thinking of changing discriminatory and assimilatory policies against [non-Sunni Muslim] Alevis and non-Muslims?” …

… There has “always been a xenophobic, paranoid nationalism, but …  it was also a secular nationalism…. [N]ow it is nationalism [with] a heavy dose of Islam, so it appeals to religious conservatives”:

Although he was pleased by the ad’s promotion of friendship between Muslims and Christians,” he never expected it to lead to celebrity and an invitation to help the government fight terrorism:

The revised travel ban has been delayed by a week as commentators note the administrations arguments for it reveal its constitutional flaws:

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